Portfolios, products, packaging, social commitment, using energy wisely.

We are tackling sustainability head-on.

Responsibility for the future

We believe we are responsible for nature, people, and the environment. As a company, we want to remain economically successful in the long-term, while also taking on our share of responsibility for the future and contributing to national and international climate targets.

Improving our CO2 footprint

“Weltbild goes green”: we are working on improving our CO2 footprint. We are committed to optimizing our processes, products, packaging, and logistics. We reduce the CO2 footprint of our headquarters directly, as well as compensate for our emissions with climate protection certificates.

Strong together

Sustainability is an important factor in our success, and a purchasing criterion for 80 percent of consumers. We are aware that we still have work to do, and that we can only succeed together – with the people who produce our products and with you, our customers – who discover our new products for yourselves.

Our approach: Sustainable initiatives in the Weltbild D2C Group

Sustainability is a key part of our corporate self-understanding and of our business strategy. We are launching different measures across the board, within the framework of our overarching project “Weltbild goes green”.

Climate neutral 2021 and 2022  

Climate neutral: compensating for double the CO2 emissions of the company headquarters by purchasing certificates for a forestry project in China and water project in Brazil, according to VCS with Fokus Zukunft. Moving to a new company headquarters: the company is working to achieve LEED Gold certification for the core & shell of the new building. 


Conversion to 100% recycled cardboard packaging at Weltbild and Jokers, optimization of package sizes, reduction of split shipments, reduction of returns, eliminating plastic bags.  Optimization of shipment packaging at Gärtner Pötschke with the goal of using less plastics and more sustainable materials.


As a fixed part of our CSR strategy, our guidelines define a binding framework for our actions, as well as those of our employees and business partners. Our Social Conduct guidelines set forth principles for our purchasing and suppliers.

We are a member of the Allianz für Klima und Entwicklung (Alliance for Climate and Development).

New work

Hybrid working model, combining home offices and desk sharing to create a new corporate culture. Conversion from PC work stations to energy-efficient laptops, and creating digital work stations. Paperless processes.


Catalog app to successively replace print catalogs. 60 percent of catalogs are sent in a climate-neutral manner: without sleeves, address optimization. Web shop optimization to ensure quick page loading times and simple navigation to reduce energy consumption.

Print advertisements

All Weltbild and Jokers catalogs are printed on PEFC paper. Sizes and print runs have been optimized. Remaining emissions are compensated for via certificates, based on the principles of avoid, reduce, and compensate (2021/22).